My Last Hours With My Mother

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   Oh don't forget Mother's Day is coming up. Here is my personal Mother's Day story i'm going to share with you.
   My mother had passed away a while back, " Mom if you are looking over my shoulders, Happy Mother's Day."

   You know,nine hours before my mother had died in the hospital, I was sitting next to her bed.She was incoherant.She never knew that I was a writer.I never told anyone.I didn't know why, but I introduced to her my book called Strange Tales Of The Unknown.It's a book of fourteen stories like the Twilight Zone.I read to her one story called The Astronauts Nightmare, and do you know that she suddenly began to talk to me.I mean she was really in her right mind.She said that she was proud of me.I placed a book on her stomach.She held it and fell asleep.
   I left her there and went back home to Waukesha. Later that evening a nurse had called me up sounding nervous.She said that my mother had past away. I cried, but at least I had the chance to let her see what her oldest son had done. She was able to take that memory with her to heaven.