A Story by Kevin Doy Burton

          A gang on motorcycles shows up in a quiet town of strange residents. 


   The Rockets were cruising down route 66. There were about twenty five members in the gang. They pulled up into a gas station. The gas station attendant was nervous because of all the motorcycles roaring in. Sounded like thunder. One by one they filled up their tanks, while their leader walked into the station.
   " Hey,is anyone here? asked Jerrod.
   The attendant rose from behind the counter.
   "Yes Sir,"said the attendant,looking nervous.
   " Look,little man. Do you sell any beer here?"asked Jerrod.
   " Yes Sir. Over in the far refrigerator."
   Jerrod walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door.He took out two cases. One of the other members of the gang came inside of the store.
   "Hey Jerrod.Where are you?"asked Tony.
   "I’m over here. Get some of the boys in here to help carry this beer."
   "Ok. I’ll be right back."
   " Hey. Put this on my tab. You have any maps?" asked Jerrod.
   " Yes. They’re on the stand. Over there."
   Jerrod opened up the map to see where they were at. He pointed to a spot where they could hold up.
   "Ok,I’ll take this map. Tab me," said Jerrod.
   Jerrod left the store.
   "Lets go," said Jerrod.
   They all started up their bikes and like a roar of thunder they rode off. Several miles down the road, Jerrod,who was in front had turned off. He was followed by the rest of his gang. They road into a rocky canyon where they could camp overnight. They all parked their bikes.
   The girls that were riding on the back of their bikes had started dancing to the music that was playing. The beer was thrown towards each of the men by Jerrod. They all drank and partied. Jerrod opened up the map.
   " Mike.Come over here,"said Jerrod.
   Mike was Jerrod’s right hand man.
   " Look at this map. According to it, L.A. is about 100 miles away. This is going to be a straight shot from here. So party up. We leave at eight in the morning,"said Jerrod.
   " I noticed on the map that there’s no more towns to visit. That sun is sure going to be hot on our backs,Boss."said Mike.
   " We’ve done this many of times,Mike. Do you remember the last town we visited? I know they will remember us. Especially the women."
   " I believe that some of them will be carrying babies by us in nine months."
   " Hey Mike. Who’s your daddy ? "asked Jerrod,laughing.
   As they both laughed,they each had grabbed a girl and started dancing. Seven hours had gone by.
   " Ok get up,"ordered Jerrod.
   They all rose from a drunken slumber. They staggered, but finally they had pulled themselves together. Once the girls were comfortably seated they headed for the road. They roared down route 66. About fifty miles down the road,Jerrod had pulled off. The rest had followed. He finally had stopped. After he stepped off of his bike he stared off into the distance.
   "Hey Boss. What gives?"asked Mike.
   "Look over there. What do you see? "asked Jerrod.
   Massie got off the back of her bike.
   " Why did we stop and what are you two looking at?"asked Massey.
   The rest of the crew stepped off of their bikes and walked over to where Jerrod was standing.
   " What gives,Boss? asked Crank.
   " Everyone. Look over there. What do you see?" asked Jerrod.
   They all looked.
   " Is that a mirage?"asked Tony.
   " Why? What do you see?"asked Jerrod.
   " I don’t know about you but to me it looks like a town," said Eric.
   " Do the rest of you see that too?" asked Jerrod.
   " I can see it,"said Massie.
   Jerrod took out the map to look at it again.
   " What’s the matter,Boss ?" asked Mike.
   "  That town is not on this map,"said Jerrod.
   " How old is the map?"asked Mike.
   " Five years old,"said Jerrod.
   "Then that explains it."
   " Explains what?"
   "With our technology a town can be built in less time than that."
   "A whole town?"
   "I believe so."
   "Ok.Then that’s where we’re going."
   They all got back on their motorcycles and drove off. About thirty minutes later they slowed down to read the sign.(Welcome).
   "Is that the name of this town?"asked Jerrod.
   "It sounds like an invitation,"said Mike.
   "Well,lets not let them down." 
   They all drove off in the direction of a town called,Welcome. The people in the town were going on with their daily lives. They all stopped to look in the direction of the thunderous sound. What they all saw were machines coming from out in the desert, driven by people. Then they went on with their daily routine. The Rockets roared through the town, doing wheelies and racing with each other. They were surprised to see that none of the townspeople were interested in what they were doing. They parked their bikes near a bar.Got off and stormed inside.
   " Bartender.Set-em up for my boys,"said Jerrod.
   The rest of the Rockets were pushing people out of their chairs.
   " You don’t have to be so rough. I would’ve given up my chair to you if you had just asked,"said a customer.
   "But I didn’t,"said Eric.
   Eric grabbed the stranger by his collar.Showing his tattoos on both sides of his arms. Eric’s tattoos had a hula girl on both arms with rings on their bellies.
   "Look mister. I’m just a blacksmith.I don’t want no trouble,"said the customer.
   "Then get out of here,"said Eric.
   The blacksmith ran out of the bar while the Rockets all laughed. The rest of the customers had left the bar also.Only the Rockets were left enjoying themselves.
   " Are you going to pay the bill?"asked the bartender.
   "Put it on my tab,"said Jerrod.
   Mike reached over the bar and grabbed the bartender.
   You don’t asked my boss here, if he’s going to pay. You just keep pouring,"said Mike.
   Mike showed his silver grilled teeth. The bartender grinned also, showing his missing front teeth.
   "Why are you grinning? What’s so funny? Do you think I’m funny?"asked Mike.
   The bartender just kept on grinning. Mike poured some beer over the bartender’s head and popped him on top of it.
   "Go on. Get out of here,"said Mike.
   The bartender ran out of the bar. They all were drinking beer until they had passed out. Soon it was dark and all of the lights went out.
   "Hey,what gives?"asked Jerrod.
   They all left the bar and went out into the street.
   "There’s no lights on, anywhere,"said Mike.
   " Anyone have a flashlight?"asked Jerrod.
   " I have one on my bike,Boss.If only I could see where my bike is,"said Massie.
   "There’s no moon out tonight. Lets go back into the bar and crash until daylight. I believe the bar is over here,"said Jerrod.
   They started walking. They kept on bumping into each other.
   " I can’t find the door. Can anyone find the door?"asked Jerrod.
   " I can’t see my hands in front of my face,"said Drone.
   " Neither can we,"said the whole gang.
   " Ok,listen up. Are we all up against the wall? "asked Jerrod.
   " Yea,"said the whole gang.
   " Then we crash here until daylight. Up against the wall,"said Jerrod.
   They all sat down on the ground.Up against the wall and fell asleep. Several hours later daylight had come. They all woke up kind of groggy. The bar was ten feet away from them. They got up and went inside. There was the bartender serving drinks to the
blacksmith and some of the other customers.
   " Hey Mike. Where are you?"asked Jerrod.
   "I don’t see Eric either,"said Massie.
   They all looked around. Mike and Eric were missing.
   "Someone go outside and find them.Tell them that we are back inside of the bar,"said Jerrod.
   "I’ll go,"said Crank.
   Jerrod turned towards the bartender.
   "Pour everyone a drink and put it on my tab,"said Jerrod.
   The bartender grinned at Jerrod while pouring the drinks into the glasses. Jerrod looked at the bartender’s teeth and saw that they had been grilled.
   "I could’ve sworn that you didn’t have any front teeth,"said Jerrod.
   "I’ve always had my front teeth,"said the bartender.
   Jerrod turned his head to see that the blacksmith was sitting next to him having himself a drink. The blacksmith was wearing a short sleeve shirt.Exposing his tattooed arms. On his arms were hula girls with rings on their belly buttons. Jerrod grabbed the
blacksmith’s arm.
   "Where did you get those tattoos?"asked Jerrod.
   "I’ve always had these tattoos,"said the blacksmith.
   Crank ran back inside of the bar.
   "Hey Boss? I called out to them both and they didn’t answer. What do you want me to do? asked Crank.
   "Ok everyone. We have two people missing. I want you to go outside and asked
everyone if they had seen them. Check the stores. The hotels.The restaurants. Look everywhere.  We’re not leaving here until we find them,"said Jerrod.
   Everyone left the bar and scattered around town. Massie had a black patch on her right eye from a fight she was in before.She went inside of a donut shop.
   " Hey you. Have you seen any guys with leather jackets on come in here?"asked Massie.
   "No. Would you like some donuts?"asked the cashier.
   Massie grabbed the cashier by her neck.
   "If I wanted any donuts I would take them,"said massie.
   Massie was three hundred pounds of all woman and she could hold her own. The cashier was one hundred pounds. Massie went back to the bar.
  "Hey boss. I went over to the donut shop down the street and the cashier said that they never came inside,"said Massie.
   "You wait here until the rest of the gang show up. When they get here tell them I said to wait here until I get back,"said Jerrod.
   "Ok Boss,"said Massie.
   Jerrod left the bar to search on his own. He went down the street. He went around the corners. He knocked on doors and finally he decided to go to the donut shop on his way back.He went inside.
   There was a cashier wiping the counters.
   "Would you like some donuts? asked the cashier."
   Jerrod stared at her face and saw that she was wearing a black patch over her right eye.
   " No.I don’t want any donuts,"said Jerrod.
   Jerrod left the shop. Ran down the street and back into the bar.
   "Massie! Massie!"shouted Jerrod.
   The rest of the gang looked around.
   " Massie’s not here,"said Crank.
   " I told her not to go anywhere until I get back. Now I’m missing more people. Go out there and search for them and as soon as you find them we’re leaving this God forsaken
town. There’s something wrong here.Be back here before dark or you’ll get lost out there,"said Jerrod.
   " Ok Boss,"said the whole gang.
   "I’ll wait right here until you all come back, just in case it gets dark out there. You will be able to follow my voice. You hear?
   " We hear you Boss,"said the whole gang.
   They all left the bar.The bartender and Jerrod were the only ones in the bar.
   "Pour me a drink and put it on my tab,"said Jerrod.
   The bartender poured Jerrod a drink and another and another. Soon Jerrod was passed out. Darkness came and then daylight. Jerrod woke up to see that the bar was full of patrons. Everyone were nonchalant while drinking.
   " Hey Bartender. Did you see my boys? asked Jerrod.
   Jerrod had a long scar on the side of his face from a knife fight he was in. He had killed the other person.
   " I’m going out to find my boys. Pour me a drink and put it on my tab,"said Jerrod.
   " Your tab had ran out,"said the bartender.
   " Are you crazy ?"
   Everyone started standing up from their tables and turning towards Jerrod. They started removing their garments, showing parts of the Rockets bodies. They blocked the door so Jerrod could not run out. He ran around the bar but they had closed in on him. He screamed. They were on top of him.He made the most horrible sound.         
   Darkness fell and then daylight had come around. The bartender was serving drinks as usual. Everyone was having a drink, casually. The bartender started grinning with his grilled teeth and a long scar on the side of his face.
   As we soar above the town you can see that the town has a quarry in the back of it.Inside of the quarry were thousands of motorcycles piled on top of each other. On top of the motorcycles were thousands of bodies with parts of them missing and as we soar further away from the town you can see a sign that reads,(Welcome). But there was red paint on the bottom half of the sign. Underneath the paint it read, To Hell.

                                                                                                                                                                     The End