A Story by Kevin Doy Burton

 This is a horror story about a young man who finds an alien device half buried on a construction site and it changes his whole life. "

                                                                                            The Host

   My name is Danny Jamal. I live in the ghetto of Chicago. I was walking my dog at night so he could relieve himself. My neighborhood is full of gangs that wanted to recruit me but all I wanted to do was go to school to make something of myself. I didn't want to ever wind up in prison. I heard some noise from behind me. I turned around and saw four thugs walking in my direction. I took my dog and ran into an alley. I peeked around a building wall.
   “ Good. I'm glad they didn't see me. Come on Mac. Lets get out of here.”
Mac is my dog. He's a small poodle. He never barks at anyone. He's friendly that way. There was a construction site up ahead.
   “ Those thugs are just standing there Mac. We can't go back the same way we came.”
There was a big hole dug into the ground by the construction crew. I guess they are going to build something there.
   “Mac. We got to get dirty this time.”
Mac started barking at something half buried into the ground.It was glowing.
   “ Quiet Mac.”
I took my hands and dug it out of the ground. It was the size of a baseball. It started pulsating in my hands.
   “ What the hell is this?”
My veins started protruding from my arms.
   “ What's happening to me?”
   “ I looked at the glowing ball and it just stopped glowing. It was just a rock. I turned it around but nothing happened. I tossed it away. I felt dizzy for a while but it passed.
I picked up Mac and started walking. Once I was on the other side of the site I climbed up the dirty wall. Mac and I had reached the top of the wall. I put Mac down. Mac started barking again.
   “ What's wrong with you Mac? Be quiet.”
Mac wouldn't stop barking. He stared at me like he was frighten of me. Mac started backing up. All the while barking.
   “ Hey Danny? We see you,” Shouted Carl who was the leader of the gang.
Mac ran away.
   “ Mac? Come back here,”I shouted.
They started to walk closer towards me.
   “ Please Guys. I don't want no trouble,” I cried.
   “ Look at him. Crying like a sissy,” said Jacob.
   “ I'll take over from here,”said a voice in my head.
   “ Who said that?” I asked.
Antwan decide to swing at me but I grabbed his arm and pulled it off. I tossed it to the ground. Antwan came rushing at me and I grabbed his neck and twisted it off. His head fell to the ground with his eyes wide open. Carl took out his gun and shot at me but I dodged the bullets. Jacob pointed his gun at me and shot it. I was hit but my wound had healed right before my eyes.
I ran towards them and grabbed them both. I slammed their bodies together,crushing them both. They fell to the ground dead. I heard a police siren coming closer. I started to feel dizzy as though I was going to black out. Before I could gather up my thoughts the police were there with their guns out in front of them.
   “ Get down on the ground. I'm not going to say it twice,”said the officer.
I dropped to the ground. They handcuffed me and took me to jail. I went to court and was sentence to death. I was taken to prison. The prisoners were laughing at me and teasing me. Saying things like, “ I'm going to eat you for breakfast.”
I still didn't know how I got myself into this mess. Me,in prison? All I wanted to do was go to school and get into college. I found out that my mother had died. Her heart couldn't take it,me being on death row.
I was placed inside of a cell with a large man as my cellmate. The other prisoners were yelling and saying things like. “ Hey Boogy? Have fun with the new fish.”
   “ Don't worry. I will,”said Boogy.
   “ Convict. Step away from the cell,”said the guard.
Boogy stepped back.
The guard pushed me inside of the cell.
   “ Have fun Convict,”said the guard to me as he was smiling.
The guard that was with him was smiling also as they both walked away.
   “ Don't worry. This will be all over soon.”
   “ Who said that?”I asked as I looked around the cell and saw Boogy with his hands in his pants rubbing his genitals.
   “ I like those crazy ones,”said Boogy.
Suddenly the lights went out. It was time for everyone to sleep.
   “ This is no place for us. It's time to leave,”said the voice in my head.
I became dizzy again. Boogy started walking towards me. The prisoners were waiting for the screaming to start. The screaming did start.
   “ Boogy got him now,”said a prisoner.
   “ Ride him Boogy. Ride him good for me,”said another prisoner.
The guards heard the noise and turned on the lights. Two guards walked over to Boogy's cell and to their horror they saw Boogy torn to pieces. There was blood and guts everywhere.
   “ Open the cell,” yelled the guard.
   “ Stand back away from the cell,” yelled the other guard.
I didn't stand back. The guard swung his billy club at me and with a sudden burst of speed I took it away from him and shoved it into his body. He fell to the ground,dead. The other guard ran to the gate to call for help. I walked out of my cell. The other guards came with their guns. They began shooting at me. The bullets hit me but my body healed at a fast rate.
I rushed at the rest of the guards,tearing them apart. Pulling out their guts. I killed them all and since the rest of the prisoners were against me,I tore open their cells also and killed them all.
   “ Danny? Do you know what's happening to you yet?”asked the voice in my head while I was standing in a pile of blood and guts and covered with blood. My head began to hurt.
   “ I'm going crazy. That's whats happening to me."
   “ No you're not going crazy. That rock as you called it. The one you found at the construction site was my spaceship. I crashed landed on your planet a thousand of your years ago. I had to go into a dormant state until someone touches my ship. Once that happens my ship awakens me and I immediately enter a live body to take it over so I can live again. You are that host,Danny.”
   “ I don't want to live this way. My mother was all I had and now she's dead. I rather be with her.”
   “ Are you sure about that Danny?”
   “ I'm sure. I can't get a job with my record. My whole life is ruined anyway?
   “ Well Danny. I can live your life for you. You can go to sleep and it will be painless.”
   “ Are you sure?”
   “ I am sure,Danny, The question is, are you sure that's what you want?”
   “ I am sure.”
   “ Then sleep Danny.”
Danny's head started to wobble but then it straightened.
   “ I'm free at last but I need some clean clothes. As I recall,the shower is over there.”
The host walked over to the showers. He took off his clothes to clean himself up. He then walked in the nude over to the wardens office. The warden was hiding under his desk.
   “ Mr. Warden? Come out. Come out where ever you are.”
The host swung the desk up against the wall as though it was a pillow.
   “ Stand up Warden.”
The warden stood up. The host sized up the warden.
   “ You will do fine. Now take off your clothes.”
The warden did as he was told. The host put them on.
   “ Fits just find. Now come here Warden.
   “ Please don't kill me.”
   “ You wanted Boogy to have some fun with me ,right?”
   “ No! I didn't know.”
   “ Come closer. I'm not going to get blood all on my clean clothes now. I wouldn't look good outside."
   “ Thank you.”
The host placed both of his hands on the warden's cheeks.
   “ Thank you. Thank you,” the warden cried.
   “ No. Thank you for your clothes,”said the host as he twisted the warden's head backwards. The warden fell to the floor,dead. The host looked at himself in the warden's mirror.
   “ I will have to get used to this body,”said the host as he burst through the prison wall and jumped to the ground.
   “ I've finally found my new home on Earth,”said the host as he walked away.

                                                                                                                                                                   The End