Emanon (The Novel)

It is the year 2018, and a boy named Ramone is simply trying to get through his teenage years. His passion for stargazing mystifies his grandmother, who has taken care of him since his parents were killed. When Ramone refused to deliver an answer to a gang about joining them, they went to his house and killed his parents. They find him and tell him this, and he hides in the woods where he finds what looks like a necklace or collar of some sort. He puts it on and finds he is impervious to harm. At first unsure of what to do with his powers, he makes a few mistakes. Little by little, however, he learns how to behave responsibly. His intelligence increases and he sees how to fix all of the problems on his planet. His name is now Emanon, and he wields the power that could either restore or destroy the earth.