A Story by Kevin Doy Burton

Signals from Earth can travel millions of miles in space but do it break up during the distance? Who knows? This is a comedy story about a message received in space and the aliens who have received it.

                                                                     A Signal From Burger King

   “ Well, I was told that the people of the planet we are going to visit are very friendly. They sent out a welcome signal. We decoded it," said Roc. 
   “ I’m glad of that, because our people are depending on us to bring back the good news about them welcoming us to their planet,” said Talo. 
   “Although it’s just the two of us traveling to this planet,Talo.I believe that we are going to find out that this planet is going to be just the one to colonize our people on.”
   “ Our scientist had sent out pictures of us to the species on that planet. We are a lot different from them, physically.” 
   “ I know,Talo, and we don’t know what they look like either but any species who are willing to send out a signal saying that they will serve us must be very intelligent. They must have overcame all wars. Unlike our planet. We fight each other everyday.”
   “ Yea,Roc.The Leader said that our population is growing too fast. That’s why we are having so many wars. We are too close to each other and can’t get along. We fight just because our tails is different.” 
   “ I know,Talo. I saw on the news that the Nanocs were fighting the Nonans just because they had two tails on their left side. Just because the Nanocs have two tails on their right side is no reason to go to war with the Nonans.”
   “ I agree, Roc. Beside the differences in the position of the tails,we both look exactly alike.”
   “ I was told by the General,Talo, that pictures of our species were sent out to the planet in the form of a signal very much like their own, so it would be easy for them to interpret. By studying their signal our scientist had determined that they are a very intelligent species.” 
   “ What did they say after receiving our signal?” 
   “ They responded by saying, "Welcome. We will serve you day or night ” 
   “ So Roc. Who is their leader?” 
   “ Our scientist had determined that they serve a King.” 
   “ A whole planet who serves a leader called a King must be very proud.”
   “ Look Talo. That blue and white planet over there. That’s where the signal is coming from. We will follow the signal to the source and cloak our ship so we won’t frighten anyone.” 
   “ That’s a good idea. We will be able to hover above the source and get a good view so we can determine when we can make ourselves known.”
   The visitors flew into Earths atmosphere cloaked so they would not be spotted. They flew below the clouds and down to a structure where activities were going on. They hovered above the structure and saw vehicles approaching it‘s side and something was given out to each vehicle through an opening. 
   They were able to understand some of the language. This is what they were listening to, and trying to interpret.
   “ Welcome .You would enjoy eating our King. We serve him to you day and night. We cook him broiled, so the flavor is maintained.” 
   “ Their King must be a giant. Lets get out of here. They are cannibals. To eat their own leader? You know what they would do to our species,” said Roc.
   “ Roc,our people will be so disappointed but it would be better than being food for this species.” 
   “ I believe that’s why they sent out that signal,Talo.To lure in more food for them to eat. We have to tell our people to stay away from the third planet from that sun. Lets get out of here before they can track us.”
   The aliens had left the planet Earth. Never to return again but the signal they had incorrectly interpreted was this. 

                                                                                                                                                                   The End