The Rip (Novel)

John Talbert is a psychiatric technician who works in the mental health field. He encounters a new patient who was brought in by the police department. The patient claims to be an extraterrestrial with a message to give to the people of Earth. His name is Kal. Kal had to have proof of John’s trust, by giving him a few clues that proved who he is. John follows up on the clues, and finds out that Kal is telling the truth. The clues leads up to some hidden items, and a spaceship that is hidden on an abandoned farm. John also finds out that the message Kal brings is about a phenomenon that had occurred out in space called a rip, which is a hole in space itself. The hole opens up a parallel universe, and its trajectory path is towards Earth. Can John, and Kal stop the destruction, or is Earth heading for a disaster?