One Way Trip Into The Future

   “ Here I am.Tommie Lee.The riches real estate tycoon in the world. I’m even richer than Donald Trump. 
   “ Mr.Lee?” 
   “ Yes, Charles?” 
   “ Dinner is ready,sir”
   “ Thanks Charles.I’ll be right down.” 
   “ Yes, sir.” 
   “ Yes,this is the life.My own butler,maids,and I’m only forty six years old. What could possibly go wrong now?”
   Tommie went downstairs to eat.While he was eating, he picked up his remote control to turn on the flat screen tv on the wall. The news was on.The Anchorman started talking.
   “ This is Ron Lowe on WTXL News. Bringing to you an up to the minute news story about a scientist who says he had invented a time machine. His name is Jack Castle. Now folks. To me this is straight out of a science fiction story but you be the judge. I’m going to turn this story over to Susan Camo.Our news woman on the scene. Susan will you enlighten us?”
   “ Yes I will, Ron. We have here Jack Castle. A scientist. Mr.Castle? Will you tell the viewers about your time machine?” 
   “ Yes I will Susan. I believe that my machine works.” 
   “ Have you tested it?” 
   “ Yes,I did. I sent an apple through my machine.”
   “ How far up ahead did you send it?” 
   “ I sent it five minutes ahead.” 
   “ How do you know it worked?” 
   “ Well,when I sent it,it disappeared.So I waited five minutes later,and that’s when it had appeared back again.” 
   “ Have you ever sent a live specimen?” 
   “ Yes. I sent a cat ahead for one hour,and I waited.” 
   “ Did the cat come back?” 
   “ Yes. An hour later,the cat did come back.” 
   “ How far ahead in the future can you send anyone?” 
   “ I haven’t tried sending a man yet,but if you really want to know.I can set my machine for up to 100,000 years into the future.”
   “ That’s amazing,but why haven’t you tried to send, lets say,someone fifty years into the future?” 
   “ Because I would have to wait fifty years to see if he would appear.” 
   “ Can you bring a person back?” 
   “ I’m working on it now.” 
   “ So right now,if anyone was to use your time machine,it would be a one way trip into the future.” 
   “ That’s correct.” 
   “ Thank you, Mr.Castle. There you have it. The first time machine. Back to you Ron.” 
   “ Thanks Susan. Well I for one thing, this Jack Castle is one for the Looney Tunes,but that’s me,folks. Now we’ll go to the weather.”
   “ Now I’ve heard it all. A time machine. That guy’s a kook.” 
   The cell phone had rung. 
   “ Yes Betty?” 
   “ Mr. Lee, you told me to remind you about your physical today.” 
   “Thanks Betty.” 
   Tommie hung up the phone. 
   “ Charles?” he called out. 
   Charles came immediately. 
   “ Sir,you called?” 
   “ Yes Charles,I’m going to the hospital.” 
   “ Are you ok,sir?” 
   “ Yes.I’m just going for a physical. Send the Rose around the front for me.” 
   “ Yes sir.”
   Charles left to have the Rose Royce brought around the front. 
   “ I just hate these physicals.The poking, and prodding,but at least they can find out everything about me with there new machines. If only they could cheat death. After all,what good is being rich if you can’t take it with you?"
   Tommie left the table to go outside.He got inside of his Rose Royce,and his driver drove him to the hospital. Upon entering the hospital he had a premonition. 
   “ That’s strange.It seems as if I’ve been here before,but that’s impossible. This is the first time i’ve ever had a physical before. There was no need for it.I’m too busy making money.”
   Tommie walked over to the receptionist. 
   “ May I help you?” she asked. 
   “ I have an appointment for a physical.My name’s Tommie Lee.” 
   “ Let me check Mr.Lee. Oh yes.You will be seeing Dr. Knight. If you would just have a seat,I will call him.”
   “ Thank you miss.” 
   “ You’re welcome.”
   Tommie left the receptionist and sat down on the nearest chair.He grabbed the
newspaper to read. A few minutes later the nurse came around. 
   “Mr.Tommie Lee?”she asked. 
   “ Yes,that’s me.” 
   “ Will you follow me?” 
   Tommie got up to follow the nurse,who led him to a private room. 
   “ The doctor will be in shortly but in the meantime you can strip down to your underwear and put on this gown. I’ll give you some privacy,” said the nurse. 
   “ Thank you,nurse.”
   Tommie stripped down to his underwear. He put on the gown.He waited. A few minutes later a knock was heard on the door and the doctor came in.
   “ Tommie Lee?” 
   “ Yes,that’s me.” 
   “ Mr.Lee,I’m Doctor Knight and I have a few things for you to do for me. I’m going to have your blood drawn and some x-rays ordered. Your physical should take about an hour.” 
   “ I’m ready Doctor. Shoot.”
   “ I’m glad to see that you are in good spirits. Shall we began?” 
   “ Lets.”
   An hour later Tommie walked out of the hospital. 
   “ Boy I feel great.” 
   Tommie’s phone had rung. 
   “ Hello? Oh Barbara. Sure come over. I just had my physical,and I’m fine. I’ll meet you at the mansion. ” 
   He got back into his car. 
   “ Take me back to the mansion. “ 
   “ Yes,sir,” said the driver,and they left the hospital. 
   Later, upon arriving back at the mansion,Tommie had that same strange feeling. 
   “ Mr.Lee. Your doctor wants you to call him back right away.” 
   “ Did he say for what?” 
   “ No sir.Only that I was supposed to give you that message right away.” 
   Tommie called back at the hospital. 
   “ Dr. Knight?” 
   “ Yes Mr.Lee. Can you come back to the hospital? There is something that I have to tell you in person.” 
   “ I’ll be right there.”
   Tommie closed up his phone. 
   "I wonder what’s that all about? I bet they forgot to give me another test on something.Just because I’m rich they want to drain me for what ever they can squeeze out of me,but hey. If it makes me live longer then so be it. Charles,have the Rose brought back around the front.” 
   “ Is everything ok Mr. Lee?” 
   “ Everything’s fine. They probably forgot another test that they want me to complete. That’s all,and Charles? Barbara’s coming by.Let her in and make her comfortable,ok?” 
   “ Yes sir,Mr.Lee.”
   Charles left to have the Rose brought around the front of the mansion. Tommy sat down inside. 
   “ Take me back to the hospital.” 
   “ Yes,Sir."
   “ I know this.They better not waist my time. There’s money that has to be made.”
   Fifteen minutes later they had arrived at the hospital. Tommie Lee left the Rose and went straight towards the receptionist. 
   “ Dr. Knight called me at home as soon as I had arrived and said that he wanted to see me right away.” 
   “ I’ll page him for you Mr.Lee.” 
   “ Thanks.” 
   The receptionist paged Dr.Knight and five minutes later he had arrived. 
   “ Mr.Lee?” 
   “ Yes Dr. Knight. What’s the emergency?”
   “ Will you follow me to my office?” 
   “ Sure.”
   They both walked down the corridor until they were at Dr. Knight’s office. They went in. Dr.Knight sat behind his desk. 
   “ You may have a seat Mr. Lee.” 
   Tommie sat down. 
   “ Ok what test did I miss?” 
   “ You didn’t miss any test but what I have to say have to be said while you are here.” 
   “ Ok.Now I’m here. So tell me.”
   Dr.Knight picked up a folder and opened it. 
   “ Mr.Lee. Your lab results came back and it shows that you have cancer in your blood.” 
   “ What?” Tommie said out loud. 
   “ What do you mean cancer in the blood? I feel fine.” 
   “ Right now you do but you will start getting tired in a few weeks.” 
   “ So give me some medication or something.” 
   “ I would if I could but you have a rare form of cancer. I can say for sure that you have at least three months to live. The more activities you do the more tired you will become and your life could be shorter.” 
   “ Three months to live? Doctor I will pay you anything just to cure me.” 
   “ I’m sorry Mr. Lee but know money in the world can cure this. Like I said.The disease is rare.I’m sorry.”
   “ Thanks for nothing Doc.”
   Tommie got up and left the doctor’s office. He sat down inside of his Rose. 
   “ Take me home.” 
   “ Is everything ok,sir?” 
   “ No and I don’t want to talk about it.” 
   “ Yes sir.” 
   The driver took Tommie home. As the driver got out of the Rose to walk around to open the door for Tommie,he realized that Tommie had got out on his own.Tommie ran towards the door of the mansion. The driver looked confused as he saw Tommie rushing towards the mansion door.Tommie went inside of the mansion. Tommie walked towards his office. He went in and closed his door. A few minutes later a knock was heard. 
   “ I don’t want to be disturbed.” 
   The door opened. 
   “ I said that….” 
   He didn’t finish because it was Barbara that had came in. 
   “ What’s wrong with you Tommie? “ 
   “ I just got some bad news from my doctor.” 
   “ What did he say?” 
   “ Apparently I have a rare blood disease.”
   “ What?” 
   “ That’s exactly how I answered when I heard the news. I have three months to live and that’s only if I sit around and do nothing.If I run around trying to make more money I will have less time than that.” 
   “ What are you going to do?” 
   “ I don’t know.I have to think.” 
   “ Is there something you want me to do for you?”
   “ No. I just want to be left alone. Please go. “ 
   “ But Tommie.” 
   “ I said go!” said Tommie loud,and angry. 
   Barbara cried and left his office. 
   “ I don’t need anyone. What good is being rich if know one can help me?”
   He sat down and turned on the tv.There was a replay on the earlier news. The scientist who had discovered a time machine was on. 
   “ That’s it.That scientist. If I could just get in touch with him,he could send me into the future and I could take all of my money with me. I could get a cashiers check for a billion dollars and leave the rest of my money in the bank to collect interest. I don’t trust banks. I just want to make sure that there was no virus in their system while I am traveling into the future. I would hate to enter the future broke. I bet about 10,000 years into the future,the doctors would be able to cure me and I could probably do a little space traveling.Our technology should have advance considerably by then. What was the name of that news team?”
   Tommie looked at the replay in slow motion. 
   “ TWLX News. That’s it. I’ll call that news station.” 
   Tommie picked up his cell,and called. 
   “ Hello,TWLX ?"
   " How may I help you?” she asked. 
   " My name’s Tommie Lee.I want to talk to your station manager.” 
   " I’m sorry sir.The station manager is not excepting calls but if you want to leave a message I can give it to him.” 
   “ What about that news lady who did the story about that scientist who invented the time machine?” 
   “ You mean Susan Camo?” 
   “ Yes,that’s her.” 
   “ Well,sir.You won’t be able to talk to her.She's out in the field. I could give you her email address and you could send her a message.”
   “ No.That won’t do. When will she be back?” 
   “ I don’t have that information,sir.”
   “ How about I come to the station to see her?” 
   “ We don’t allow visitors to come inside of the station unless they are expected,sir.” 
   “ What is your address?”
   “ Sir,you sound like you are upset about something and because of that I won’t be able to give you that information.” 
   The person hung up on Tommie. 
   “ That bitch. I’ll get that address off of the internet.
   Tommie searched the internet for his city’s news stations. 
   “ Got it. Charles!” he called out. 
   Charles came right away. 
   “ Sir.You called.” 
   “ Yes Charles. Have the Rose brought around the front.” 
   “ Yes sir,” said Charles.
   Then he left. 
   “ I’ll go to the station and wait for that news anchor woman. If they still don’t let me in,i’ll hire a private detective to follow her. I will get that information.”
   Tommie left the mansion and jumped inside of his Rose Royce. 
   “ Take me to this address.” 
   The driver drove off. Soon they were at the address of the news station. Tommie got out of the car and went inside. There were people all walking around the station looking very busy. He walked up to a person who was walking pass him. 
   “ Excuse me.Where can I find Susan Camo,the anchor woman?” 
   “ You have to go over to that desk and ask the receptionist,but I doubt you’ll get anywhere.”
   “ Why?” 
   “ Because you have to be expected.You are expected are you?” 
   “ No,but I need some information about what I saw on the news today.” 
   “ Oh. Is that all? Just go and asked to speak to the station manager. Just tell him you saw something on the news that you want to question.” 
   “ Thanks a lot? ”
   Tommie walked over to the receptionist. 
   “ Can I help you?” she asked. 
   “ Yes you can.I would like to speak to your station manager please.” 
   “ Hold on while I page him.What ‘s your name?” 
   “ My name’s Tommie Lee.” 
   “ Can you tell me what’s it about?” 
   “ Sure.It’s about what I saw on the news today. I just want to get some information.” 
   “ Ok,just one moment.”
   The receptionist paged the station manager. He called back and she gave him the
information then she hung up the phone. 
   “ He’ll be right down. If you want to take a seat. I’ll let you know when he arrives.” 
   “ Thank you. I’ll do that.” 
   Tommie sat down and waited. Soon the station manager had shown up. He talked to the receptionist and she pointed over to where Tommie was sitting. The manager walked over to Tommie. 
   “ Mr. Tommie Lee?" 
   He extended his hand and Tommie stood up to shake it. 
   “ Yes.That’s me.” 
   “ I understand that you wanted to asked me a question?” 
   “ Yes I do. I was watching the news this morning when I saw your anchor woman who’s name is Susan Camo. She did an interview on a scientist named Jack Castle. I just wanted to know where I could reach him.” 
   “ We don’t give out home addresses but I can give you where his place of business is located.”
   “ I would appreciate it.” 
   “ Wait here while I pull up a file on our interviews. Kathy,let me just use this computer for a minute.” 
   “ Sure.”
   A minute later… 
   “ Here it is.I’ll just run off a print off copy for you.” 
   “ Thanks a million,” said Tommie. 
   A print off copy of Jack Castle’s business was handed to him. 
   “ I hope that this will help you.” 
   “ This will do fine.” 
   Tommie took the sheet that was handed to him and he left the station. 
   “ Now to find this location.” 
   Tommie walked back to the Rose. He got into the car. 
   “ Hey Charles. Do you know where this place is?” 
   “ I’ll turn on the direction finder,sir."
   Charles turned it on and punched in the address. 
   “ Sir? It looks as if it’s off the grid.” 
   “ What do you mean ,off the grid?” 
   “ I mean,sir,that it’s far off the road and way deep into an isolated area.” 
   “ Can you get me there?” 
   “ Yes, Sir.” 
   Then take me there.” 
   “ Yes Sir.”
   Charles drove off. While riding Tommie decided to call the number on the sheet. The phone had rung on the other end. It kept on ringing. 
   “ Come on. Pick it up,” said Tommie angrily. 
   Finally someone had answered. 
   “ Hello? “ 
   “ Hello? Is this Dr. Jack Castle?” 
   “ Yes it is.Who is this?” 
   “ Dr.Castle? My name is Tommie Lee. I saw you on the news today.” 
   “ Are you calling to call me a crack pot,because if you are,I’m going to hang up the phone.”      “ No sir.I’m not. Only you can help me.It’s a matter of life and death.I need to speak to you and I can make it worth your while. I’m a rich man and I want to finance your research if you let me.Can we meet?”
   “ Do you know about my time machine?” 
   “ Yes I do ,Sir. That is what I want to talk to you about. I can be over to your place of business in a half an hour,if that’s ok with you and I can start you off with $100,000 to go towards your research. “
   “ Well,ok.Do you know how to come over here.It can be a little tricky. 
   “Don’t worry,Sir. As long as you know that I am coming.” 
   “ I’ll be waiting.”
   Tommie turned off his cell phone. This should be good. Charles,just follow what the direction finder says.” 
   " Yes,Sir." 
   They rode out of town and about twenty minutes later they had to turn off of the road. 
  “ Where are you going ,Charles” 
  “Sir? According to this direction finder, the address should be further up that trail,only we will have to walk from here.” 
  “ Charles? You wait inside of the car. If I’m not back in an hour then you can leave.” 
  “ Why wouldn’t you be back ,Sir?” 
  “ I have some business to discuss with a certain person.” 
  “ Yes Sir. I’ll wait here,Sir. Thanks Charles.
  Tommie started jogging through the wooded area. He kept pushing away the large leaves and finally he came across what looked like a warehouse.It looked abandoned. He walked towards it.There was something turning in the trees. He looked up and saw a camera aimed at him. He also came across a fence.There was an electric door in the fence. 
   “ I wonder if this red button is a doorbell.” 
   He pushed it. There was a small speaker above the doorbell. 
   “ What do you want?” said the voice on the speaker. 
   “ I’m Tommie Lee. I spoke to you earlier.”
   The gate opened.Tommie walked through. As he walked closer to the warehouse looking building a sliding door had opened up. It was made of steel. He walked through it. As he walked down the corridor a man stepped out in the middle of the hallway. 
   “ So you’re the one who have a life and death situation and you’re willing to pay top dollar. I am interested in knowing what is so important that you have to come to see me. Come into my office.” 
   “ Thank you Dr. Castle.”
   Tommie walked into Dr.Castle’s office and sat down. Dr.Castle sat behind his desk. 
   “ Ok Mr. Lee. How can I help you?” 
   “ I saw you on tv today…” 
   “ Before you go any further,you’re not here just to call me a crackpot in person are you?” 
   “ No. I’m not. I’m here because I believe in your success in time travel and that is why I
am here.” 
   “ So you want to make a donation.” 
   “ I want to see first hand what you have accomplished before I make a decision. First let me show you what I have to offer you.”
   Tommie took out a brief case and opened it.It was filled with one hundred dollars bills. 
   “ Inside of this case is two hundred thousand dollars. It is yours if you can show me that your time machine works.” 
   Dr. Castle took a look at the money inside of the suit case.
   “ Well, that is an awful lot of money.” 
   “ Then you’ll show me?” 
   “ Yes.Follow me.”
   Dr.Castle and Tommie got up to leave the office. They both walked further down the corridor and Dr. Castle turned to open up a door that was locked. 
   “ It’s right in here,” he said.
   They both walked inside. It was dark. 
   “ Watch your step,” said Dr.Castle. 
   Tommie stopped in his tracks. The lights were suddenly turned on. There were thick cords all along the floor. There was a computer in the middle of the room. The thick cords all led to a glass booth. The booth was the size of a closet. There was a bench inside of it for sitting,although you can also stand in it. 
   “ There she is. My time machine.”
   “ Will you demonstrate it for me? “ 
   “ I sure will,but let me explain something to you. You will see an object disappear and come back minutes later.That will only show you that it went minutes into the future.” 
   “ Show me that.” 
   “ Ok. Why don’t you have a seat here.”
   Tommie sat down to watch. 
   “ I’m going to send this apple into the future by five minutes.” 
   Dr.Castle picked up an apple and sat it on the bench inside of the booth. He closed the door and walked over to the computer. 
   “ Now watch.” 
   Dr.Castle punched in some data and the booth started glowing on the inside, then the glowing cleared,and the apple was gone. 
   “ Where did it go?”asked Tommie. 
   “ Into the future.” 
   “ Well,how will I know that?” 
   “ Lets just wait for five minutes. That’s how far into the future I sent the apple.”
   Tommie started looking at his watch. Dr.Castle watched the countdown on the computer. 
   “ One minute to go,” he said. 
   They waited 
   “ Ten seconds,” he said. 
   All of a sudden the booth started glowing. When the glowing cleared,the apple was on the bench. 
   “ If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it,” said Tommie. 
   “ That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. 
   “ How did you come across all of this equipment?” 
   “ I ordered different parts on the internet and had it shipped here. No one new what the parts was for.” 
   “ You did the same thing with a cat I heard.” 
   “ Yes I did.” 
   “ Have you ever sent a human through that time machine?”
   “ No.” 
   “ How far can you send anyone or anything.” 
   “ I can set my computer to send anyone thousands of years into the future.” 
   “ How will you know if it had worked.” 
   “ Well,I would have to be there to see them come through,and that is impossible,so I have to believe that if I can send a live specimen five minutes into the future and have proof,then I believe that it will work no matter how far into the future I send it.”
   Tommie sat back down. 
   “ Dr.Castle. I have a rare blood disease. I was told that I have at least three months to live. There is no cure. I want you to send me into the future. I believe that a cure will be found there.” 
   “ I’m beginning to understand.”
   “ Yes Doctor.It’s true.I’m rich,and I want to take my money with me so I can survive in the future. This suit case is yours and I have another one for myself back at my car. Will you do this for me?” 
   “ I can’t guarantee you anything and you won’t be able to come back.” 
   “ I have to take that chance Doctor. I have nothing to lose anyway.” 
   “ How far into the future do you want to go?” 
   “ Well,sooner or later mankind will be able to solve the problem of space travel and the cars will be better. Even medicine will be better.Who knows. Maybe I will be able to live an additional hundred years with all the new cures for diseases. I want to go ten thousand years into the future.”
   Dr.Castle started rubbing his head. 
   “ This is so unusual. There will be no way for me to know if you are alright. Go to your car and get you suit case.I’ll reset the computer for your departure.” 
   “ Oh boy.Thanks Doc.I’ll be right back.” 
   Tommie ran out of the room. He ran out of the warehouse and back through the woods. He saw Charles standing by the car. 
   “ Charles, I’m going away for a long while and I’m going to give you something.” 
   Tommie took out his checkbook and wrote something on it.He handed it to Charles. Charles looked at it. 
   “ A million dollars? Why so much Mr. Lee?” 
   “ I feel good and you’ve been wonderful to me. I want you to give these checks to the rest of my staff at the mansion and tell them that I won’t be coming back. Tell them that their services will no longer be needed.”
   Tommie picked up his suit case. 
   “ Goodbye Charles,” said Tommie as he ran off into the woods. Charles got back inside of the car and drove off. Tommie ran back to the warehouse. The gate was already open. Tommie met Dr.Castle at the door. 
   “ Are you ready,” he asked. 
   “ I am"  said Tommie. 
   They walked towards the room where the time machine was located. 
   “ Just step into the booth,” said Dr.Castle. 
   Tommie stepped inside of the booth.He placed his suit case in his Lap. Dr.Castle programmed the computer for ten thousand years into the future. He nodded at Tommie and Tommie gave him the thumbs-up. Soon the booth glowed and Tommie had disappeared. 
   “ I sure hope he’s alright,” Dr.Castle said to himself.
   Ten Thousand years later the wind was blowing in the field. Flowers of different colors,but strange shapes were swaying in the wind. A glowing ball appeared and when it had disappeared,Tommie Lee was in it’s place. He fell on the ground with his suit case in his Lap. 
   “ What happen? Where’s the warehouse? It just disappeared. Dr. Castle?” he yelled out. 
   The sky looked kind of different.It was a pink reddish color. The air is breathable. No smog. Tommie Lee started walking. 
   “ I can see a hill up ahead. In fact,the hill is all around me. I can’t be at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Everything is an even round shape. Like a hole,or a crater,but I don’t remember a crater being here,and where’s the highway? I better try and climb that hill up ahead and see what’s on the other side,” Tommie said to himself.
   Tommie walked for over a mile. 
   “ The edge of this crater is about five hundred yards ahead. That’s funny. All of this walking and I haven’t spotted not one plane flying in the sky. I wonder if I made it into the future. I thought that everything would be spinning around while I was traveling through time,but instead the whole warehouse had vanished in a flash,and then I was here. Did the machine work,or was I just dreaming? I don’t have anything to go by. Ok ,here’s the edge of the hill. This should be an easy climb because the hill isn’t that steep,and it’s only about two hundred yards up. I wonder what the buildings would look like. I would have to find a bank to deposit this cashiers check ,then I can go to the hospital to get a physical. Did I really make it ten thousand years into the future?”
   Tommie was halfway up the hill. 
   “ I wonder how everyone will be dressed? I know they will all look at me strangely. I bet that I will look so different from the rest of them.I wonder what the hair style will look like? I’m going to need a complete makeover. I bet the medicine have improved. I bet that I will be able to live another fifty years at least. Maybe more. Five more feet to the top. I wonder if they do brain transplants. If I can get them to put my brain in an android body I will be able to live forever and still be rich. I left a lot of my money in the bank to collect interest. Once they get on their computers and track my bank account they will realize that I am their number one client. Finally,I’m at the top of the hill.”
   Tommie looked around and to his surprise he saw what he wanted to see. Buildings everywhere,only the architect were different. There were no tall buildings at all. The windows were all different and the doors were shaped different. Everything were only two levels high. There were no streets.No cars. 
   “ I can see people around. I wish that I had some binoculars. From this distance I can’t make out what the people are doing.” 
   He kept on walking. 
   “ The city looked large. I can’t remember what it reminds me of. If only I could remember. 
What’s that?”
   Tommie looked up at the sky to see that a flying machine was landing in the city.
   “ Where did that come from? I didn’t see it pass over head. It just came from above. Did it come from outer space ?” 
   The flying machine had disappeared behind some buildings. The people that were walking had turned around.They sensed that something was behind them. Tommie stopped in his tracks when he made out what the people looked like.
He looked in horror. 
   “ This can’t be.What are they? They’re not human."
   Tommie turned and ran,but something had flown over him and landed in front of him. 
   “ No! Go away! Don’t come near me!"
   The creature had picked up Tommie and carried him away. Tommie screamed all the way. His suitcase had dropped from his hands. The creature had flown Tommie into the city.Once in the city Tommie was placed inside of a tweeded dome.He was cocooned.
   “ Don’t eat me.I don’t want to die,” he cried. 
   There were eight creatures communicating with each other in their own language. 
   “ What is it?” 
   “ I don’t know. I saw something outside of the city so I flew overhead to see what it was. I decided to bring it to the city’s medical center for examination.” 
   “ It’s trying to communicate. Look at it.” 
   “ It do have two limbs hanging from it’s side.Do you suppose those are it’s arms? 
   “ It could be. It also have two limbs hanging from it’s middle.Maybe they are it’s legs.” 
   “ I didn’t see any wings on it’s back.That’s why it didn’t try to fly away.” 
   “ Do you suppose it’s a threat to the city. It might be diseased.”
   The creatures stood around staring at Tommie. 
   “ I have an idea. I can preserve it so everyone can observe it for science. It will stay preserved for hundreds of years.” 
   “ Will you have to kill it.” 
   “ No. I can keep the brain alive so it will know it’s being taken care of. It’s body will be solidified in our secretion. It will be able to live as long as us. At least two hundred years. If it is diseased,then the disease will be secreted also.” 
   “ I think that would be a good idea.At least for science.” 
   “ I’ll start the process while it’s in the cocoon.” 
   “ Why don’t we use the language transformer on it. This way it will know that we are trying to help it.” 
   “ That should be fine.”
   The creatures had place a device on top of Tommies head and turned it on. They explained everything to Tommie but Tommie was to much in shock to return the communication.The creatures took the device off of Tommies head. 
   “ Maybe it has no voice patterns.” 
   “ Well at least it knows what we are trying to do to it.” 
   “ I feel better already,because we never take a life away from any living creature.” 
   “ It will be so happy that we will be taking good care of it in our cocoon for the next two hundred years.”
   Tommie realized what the creatures were trying to do for him. He wanted to tell them that he was human and that he don’t need to be cocooned. He’s a man,but he was to scared to communicate on time. Now the communicating device has been taken away. Tommie screamed. 
   “ I don’t want to live like this for two hundred years. Kill me now,please.” 
   Tommie's voice was unrecognizable. In a way,Tommie did get his wish.The wish to beat cancer.

                                                                                                                                                                 The End