A transhuman female from the year 2530 is sent back in time to the year 2015 to 
save mankind from extinction due to an alien invasion but mankind fears she is the alien.

Zola,the female protagonist of this story is sent back 500 years to the year 2015.Mankind is on the verge of extinction due to an alien invasion.Only 10,000 humans are left on the planet earth.The invasion starts with a spaceship landing in a small town.Her prime objective is to intercept the ship and destroy the aliens.She appears in the right year but on the wrong side of the country,New York. Now she have to convince mankind of what is about to happen to them in the future but the military and police thinks that she is the alien and must be destroyed.

Creative Notes: This genetically altered sexy woman from the future is not a terminator but is a newly improved human sent back into a time where there's government cover-ups regarding aliens and spaceships